The NAP provides sound professional training to members and non-members on publishing to enhance professionalism in the publishing trade in Nigeria. Series of training courses are on ground for editorial/production and the sales representation/marketing personnel in the publishing and allied industries. NAP also provides access to international training as well as keeps members informed about overseas training outlets. Steps are on to strengthen the NAP training with the establishment of the Nigerian Institute of Publishing (NIP) as a chartered professional regulatory body for the publishing profession in Nigeria. KEEP ON REGISTERING WITH US AND KEEP ON SUCCEEDING IN YOUR PUBLISHING CAREER.

1.Our Vision

To become the best in the industry known for the publishing of good quality and affordable early learning children’s activity books.

2. Mission Statement

“To creatively develop and publish good quality and affordable children’s early learning books that will enhance learning whilst having fun”

3. Our Objectives

Our goal is to produce and publish books that focus on the early learning stage using simple exercises that children can easily understand and practice to develop the key learning skills as required by various school curricula.

4. Our Core Values

Our guiding principles described below are aimed at creating an organization known for its: