For a number of years New Approach Publishers have been a progressive publishing house and this has always involved expanding considerably our lists of published books. In publishing, we are experiencing an interesting range of genres which is why our company has been excelling in the industry and, consequently, growing in stature every year.
We continue to publish books by well-known writers and have also given writers at the dawn of their careers the necessary opportunities to have their books published successfully. Therefore, we can now pride ourselves on achieving fame for previously unknown writers. We have been able to achieve this by proven methods of internet marketing and by well-established and traditional forms of promotion. To achieve this we have developed very useful and beneficial links with the Media and this has escalated world-wide; consequently more and more of our books are reaching the potential that they deserve.Initially all manuscripts submitted to us are considered under non-contributory publishing contracts. This is where no costs are incurred by the author and the whole outlay is taken on by New Approach Publishers.
Should we be unable to offer the non-contributory contract for those manuscripts that would fit in with our high standards and genre criteria, an alternative means of being published is considered? This would be under a slightly different form of contract which is contribution-based. We would like to point out that the promotion and marketing of all our books is carried to the same depth regardless of the type of contract that is offered.

As always, we dedicate a great deal of our resources to researching new methods by which we can move forward, in keeping with modern innovations. Some of our future plans include the provision of e-books as these are currently gaining impetus; now it appears that e-books are beginning to pose an important addition to normal publishing. We plan to encompass all our future and existing titles to be sold as e-books as well as in paperback format.

Please refer to our Submissions Guidelines page where you will find details of the various genres in which we specialize, together with relevant advice on making your submission as impelling and interesting as possible for those reading it. Thank you for visiting our site and we welcome your return.

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1. Classroom management
2. Lesson plan
3. School records
4. Measurement and evaluation
5. Teaching methods
6. Rewards and punishments
7. Psychology of learning
8. Making success of PTA meetings
9. Detecting and handling acts of indiscipline

You are Welcome to New Approach Publishers Limited; the company has been in the forefront of Educational and General Publishing in Nigeria for over eleven years now. The company’s strength hinges mainly on an efficient administration, sound financial management, a strong publishing team and a dynamic sales and marketing force. The company publishes and markets books which span all levels of education, that is, Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary and Tertiary as well as leisure and general readership. More/less… Our Vision Our Vision is to be the number one publishing firm in Nigeria with excellent delivery system of books catering for all levels of education and general readership. Our Mission Our Mission is to produce high quality educational and general interest books for the needs of our educational system and the reading consumption of the populace through a highly motivated workforce using appropriate technology. The NAP provides sound professional training to members and non-members on publishing to enhance professionalism in the publishing trade in Nigeria. Series of training courses are on ground for editorial/production and the sales representation/marketing personnel in the publishing and allied industries. NAP also provides access to international training as well as keep members informed about overseas training outlets. Steps are on to strengthen the NAP training with the establishment of the Nigerian Institute of Publishing (NIP) as a chartered professional regulatory body for the publishing profession in Nigeria. KEEP ON REGISTERING WITH US AND KEEP ON SUCCEEDING IN YOUR PUBLISHING CAREER.


1. Teaching methods

2. Classroom                        management

3.  Handling school records

4. School management and administration

5. School organogram

6. Psychology of learning

7.Inter-group/inter-personal conflicts handling

8. Detecting and curbing indiscipline in schools

9.  Making success of PTA meetings