• Our Vision

    To become the best in the industry known for the publishing of good quality and affordable early learning children’s activity books.

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  • Mission Statement

    “To creatively develop and publish good quality and affordable children’s early learning books that will enhance learning whilst having fun”

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  • Our Objectives

    Our goal is to produce and publish books that focus on the early learning stage using simple exercises that children can easily understand and practice to develop the key learning skills as required by various school curricula.

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  • Unbeatable Book Publishers In Nigeria.

    New Approach Book Publishers Limited is Committed to the Upbringing and Building of future generation through Publishing the high qualitative books for Children Education both in Nursery And Primary schools.

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Your book deserves all the publicity that you can afford. We can help you produce quality promotional materials to help spread the word about your books to your target audience. Our design team will craft beautiful Handbills, Posters, Book Dividers, Roll-Up Stands, Bill boards, Book bags, websites and other gift items required to promote your book. Tell us what you want and our design team will work tirelessly to give you a well crafted design coupled with exceptional printing and finishing in record time.


Proper finishing and packaging is important if not indispensable in passing across the exact message of your book. We have a team of printers who have created stunning books with proper finishing that is unrivaled. To enable us give you the best, we have formed partnerships with local and international printing houses to produce exactly what you need; be it paper back or hard back editions of your book.


Formatting and design are key elements to the success of your book. The major reason consumers will pick up a book from the bookstore is because it has an attractive cover. The internal outlay and formatting is equally important as readability is crucial. We understand that just as each author is different, so is each book; the New Approach Publishers design team collaborates closely with you to determine your unique design requirements in order to effectively pass across your message while ensuring a quality product.


Writing that is worth publishing deserves a careful edit. Your message deserves it and so do your readers. It is what distinguishes a professional book from an amateur one. Even the best writers make mistakes but thanks to our professional proofreaders and editors, you can be sure that your readers will never see them. Our seasoned team reviews your manuscript carefully correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax before your book goes to the press. This will add a polished finish to your manuscript and this is one of the best decisions you will make in the process of publishing your work. Whether you are a first time author or an experienced writer, we can help you improve and enhance the readability and quality of your book.


We know that not everybody can write and properly articulate thoughts into a readable material but we also believe that everybody has a message for his generation and for generations to come. It is only wise to allow this generation and generations yet unborn to benefit from the principles and values that have helped you live a fruitful and productive life. Succeeding generations will be interested to hear your story. We can help tell your story to the world; our team of experienced researchers and writers will patiently listen to you and help you craft a manuscript that will picture your thoughts and pass across your message to your world in your own style.


Everything is going digital with the advent of social media and smart phones, people can now access everything on the go. Creating an e-book version of your work will enable people have access to your book right from the comfort of their mobile devices. We can help you design a stunning e-book that will clearly and effectively pass across your message to your readers. Writers who need our professional services for publishing on Lulu, Amazon, Smashwords, iBookstore, Nook, okadabooks, etc; can contact us and request for our special online publishing packages.